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11:00 AM - Midnight.

18" Pizza w/ any 2 Toppings, Garlic Knots, and Free 2-liter Soda

Pizza with any 2 toppings, an order of garlic knots, and a free 2 liter soda of your choice


14 Pieces Hot Wings, French Fries and Free 2-liter Soda

14 Pieces of Hot Wings with french fries and complimentary 2-liter soda


Whole Rotisserie Chicken, French Fries, Spinach, Garlic Knots, w/ Free 2-liter Soda

Whole rotisserie chicken, an order of french fries, an order of spinach, an order of garlic knots, w/ a complimentary 2-liter soda of your choice


18" Cheese Pizza w/ Free 2-Liter Soda

Cheese pizza with choice of a complimentary 2-liter soda